Laminated vs Standard Stickers

Let's talk about the pros and cons of laminated and standard (non-laminated) stickers. Starting with standard stickers, which are 3 mil in thickness. We've been using these for years, and they're durable and can last for many years in the elements.

You may have seen our video with stickers that have been up for three years and still look the same. Those are all standard stickers. These stickers are a great low-cost option for high-volume on the streets. They're thinner and more flexible, which makes them easier to use on contours. They're also a little harder to remove.

On the other hand, laminated stickers are 6 mil in thickness and are a bit stiffer. They're easier to manage and offer much higher UV protection, adding an additional three years of protection. They are a bit more expensive, but our prices are very reasonable.

If you prefer a thinner, more flexible vinyl, then standard stickers are a better option. However, if you're looking for a premium, high-quality sticker, then laminated stickers are definitely worth considering.

Both types of stickers offer great print quality and can wrap around contours nicely. Ultimately, the choice between laminated and standard stickers depends on your specific needs and preferences.

If you're ready to get some stickers, you can order right on our website!

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I messed around with purchasing stickers (standard) from other companies in the past and they’ve pretty much all sucked. The ones I’ve purchased from Machine Studio have hands down been the best I’ve ever had. Super sticky, legit printing, high quality, long lasting.
Thanks for making stickers for Writers!!!

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