What’s the turnaround time on stickers?

Turnaround time is 3 days from the time artwork is approved. Artwork proofs are usually sent within 24 hours from the time the order is placed. Shipping usually takes about 3-5 business days.

Do you have any discount codes?

We generally do not run sales or discounts. You do, however, receive points for every purchase that you can redeem for discounts on future orders. Click the little yellow crown icon on the bottom of the site for more information.

How do I use my points?

Points can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases. Click the little yellow crown icon on the bottom of the site for more information.

How much is shipping and how long does it take?

Shipping usually takes about 3-5 business days. Shipping is free for stickers. Shipping price for supplies varies the weight of the package starting at $5. Once you add your items to the cart, you can calculate the shipping cost before ordering by clicking the cart icon and filling in your city, state and zip code.

I got a delivery notification, but my package hasn’t arrived.

This has happened a few times, but the packages always seem to turn up. Here are a few things that we have seen and things you can do to locate it. Unfortunately, once we hand the package over to the carrier, we have no control over it.

  1. Sometimes the packages get marked delivered before they are actually delivered. It may arrive later.

  2. Packages sometimes get delivered to the wrong address, or are left somewhere unexpected. Try asking a neighbor if they received your package by mistake and look around the property to see if it is stashed somewhere.

  3. From time to time, a package may be marked delivered, but actually be held at your local post office. You could go there with your tracking info to see if they can locate it for you.

Let us know if none of these options leads to finding the package and we will take care of it.


Is there subject matter that you will not print on stickers?

As a privately owned company, we have the right to refuse to print certain materials. However, we wholeheartedly believe in the principles outlined in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. This means that, from time to time, we print materials that may not align with our core values as a company, but we respect the right of our customers to have values that differ from ours.

Supporting freedom can often be uncomfortable, considering the wide range of beliefs among our fellow humans. With that in mind, we have established criteria for materials that we will not print.



  • Materials that directly incite violence.

  • Depictions of animal cruelty.

  • Pornographic material of any kind.

  • Blatantly racist materials.

  • Materials that infringe on copyright.

  • Materials that are illegal to reproduce.

We understand that there are gray areas and that certain images may be interpreted differently by different individuals. When controversial materials are submitted that fall within these gray areas, we will follow up with the customer to have a conversation about how to move forward.

We will do our very best to adhere to these guidelines while respecting the views of our customers.