The Impact of Ten Pages a Day

For most of my life, I didn’t read much. I always thought that being committed to reading meant spending a ton of time per day doing it. It wasn’t until I did 75 Hard for the first time that I learned that reading just ten pages per day can have a huge impact.

The image of the report shows (arrow) when I decided to commit to reading. I remember the first book I read, so I went to Amazon and found the exact date I bought the book, then went to shopify and ran a report to see a visual of how my business changed from that point.

It was a massive eye opener. You can see that when I started reading was pretty much the exact point my business really started growing. Machine was mainly a fun side thing for the first few years, but the arrow is the time I made the decision to really get serious.

Reading and implementing lessons from the books has improved every aspect of my life, but the growth of my business is easy to measure and see from a report. The amount of knowledge you can get from reading ten pages per day is crazy.

If you’re not doing it, now is a great time to start.

Here are a few general mindset and personal development books that had a big impact on me. If you want more suggestions, please feel free to reach out! You can message me on Instagram @bus166.

Mindset: A New Psychology Of Success
As a Man Thinketh

The Untethered Soul
The Four Agreements

This one is both good for personal development and business. It's an excellent book for learning to get better with people.

How to Win Friends and Influence People




The four agreements is an awesome read, if you haven’t checked out The Power of Now, Eckart Tolle is a great demonstrator on living a selfless and spiritually successful experience. It’s a game changer the day I finished that is the day my life went a new direction. Thanks for sharing your story and I agree totally with this thinking.

Sandra Abel aka Sid

Sandra Abel aka Sid

Hi I am very impressed with your article about reading 10 pgs a day. I rarely read for pleasure alone but tend to study on occasion subjects to learn.
You inspire me with the 10 pgs and i should start reading more as well the book you mentioned about How to win friends….
I really admire what you are doing for others !!! Thank you🧜‍♀️



Impressive. It’s good to see someone within the scene sharing their experience and creating content to help others. Keep it up!

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