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Jawn dough

Nice drip control with the mop, the nib replacements are low cost which is nice but I wish they were just a lil.more durable. If you stick to smooth metal, glass, plastic your pretty good off with these. Nice lil mop.

Thaddeus Strode
Great art tool!

Love these drip machine paints! I use them for artwork!

Rick Wedel
Fun new tool for action painting

I love that I can just grab a drip machine and be painting in seconds. Real paint, not the feel of a marker. I'm having a blast with them.

Charlie Anchondo
Sick dripper

I used the copper Montana paint from this site to refill my Drip machine. The drip machine works very good nice drips, I compared the Montana dripper to the drip machine and the drip machine is way better. The Montana drip stick does not drip but they have a solid tip that last longer if you use it on a rough surface. The drip machine nib tip is good i just recommended grabbing a few extra nib tips cause they are very sensitive.They are made to use on soft surfaces, but the drip machine drips like crazy… thanks guys just ordered more Montana silver refill paint which is super good paint extra drippy .

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