We are looking to collaborate with writers all over the world. Please see the concept outlined below.


We will send a package of Machine Original Products to be used however you please. In addition to the product, we will promote you on our social media channels. We are most active on Instagram and TikTok @machinestudio and have engaged followers on both platforms. We also are spreading out into other platforms.
Machine Original Products include:

  1. Drip Machine
  2. Metal Machine
  3. Big Postal Labels
  4. Custom Sticker Printing
  5. Future products and prototypes as we increase our product portfolio.


We would like to see you using the product on video. You can show just your hand using the product if you prefer; we do not need to see your face or anything that you can be identified by if that is a concern. We will create a Google Drive folder for you to upload your clips.

  1. Create at least 1 video clip of you using the product; the more clips the better.
    1. HD resolution or higher. Vertical format.
    2. Please be sure the video is well lit.
    3. You can upload as many clips as you like.
    4. Please upload the raw, unedited, unfiltered video.
  2. We would like the right to use the videos for promotional purposes. Promotional uses include:
    1. Organic promotion on social media including Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.
    2. Paid advertising on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube and potentially other platforms.
  3. 1 post tagging us on the social media platform of your choice. You don’t have to verbally mention us or the product in the video if it doesn’t fit your brand, but if you wouldn’t mind tagging us somehow, or mentioning us in the caption, that would be appreciated.

It is important to us that this is a beneficial arrangement for everyone involved. Once the first round is complete, we will evaluate and discuss the possibility of sending additional products. This arrangement can be terminated by either party at any time, for any reason.