Some ideas for getting people to want to display your stickers.

With the growing popularity of stickers and “sticker bombing”, the potential of using stickers for marketing and brand building is growing along with it. In addition to stickers showing up all over town, they are also covering personal items like laptops, tool boxes, hard hats, phones, etc.


This creates an opportunity for you to have your brand on these items as well. You never know where a potential customer might see your stuff. A well designed, high quality sticker will most likely land in some of these places in addition to any you put up around town.


One challenge is getting people to want to display your sticker. For brands, unless you have a super cool logo, or have an established brand that people want to rock, it can be difficult to get people to put your stickers on their stuff.


Here are some ideas you might incorporate into your brand’s sticker design.


Illustrations: Unique, artistic, and quirky illustrations can make your stickers appealing. These can be characters, abstract designs, or something else that matches your brand personality.


Inspirational Quotes: Inspirational or motivational quotes can be a big hit. People often like to display positive affirmations or quotes that represent their mindset or goals.


Emojis and Memes: Popular culture references, such as emojis or memes, can make your stickers feel current, fun, and relatable.


Local Landmarks or Symbols: If your brand is tied to a specific location, showcasing local landmarks, symbols, or city skylines can help create a connection with the local community.


Limited Editions: Creating a series of limited-edition stickers can create a sense of exclusivity and prompt people to collect and display them.


Useful Information: If your sticker includes useful information (like a small calendar, a conversion chart, or some other form of handy reference), people might keep it around for practical reasons.


Social Causes: If your brand aligns with a specific cause or movement, a sticker design that reflects this can be effective. This could include environmental themes, social issues, or support for nonprofits.


Augmented Reality (AR): If you have the budget for it, an AR sticker can be very exciting. When scanned with a phone app, these stickers can display additional information, show a 3D model, play a video, and more.


Customizable Stickers: Provide stickers that can be personalized or customized in some way.


I hope there are some helpful ideas in there for getting your brand out there with stickers. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!




Great Tips and ideas. Keep up the good posts!



I own a drywall repair business… As a skateboarder/ musician I made stickers with a hot rod rock n roll/ sk8 style logo! It has my direct phone # on it. Obviously to round up clients but sometimes I wonder if the cops are gonna call… LOL as I plaster them everywhere! Kinda stupid.. thoughts? Thx BUS!

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