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1994 Bus Saber LA River
This was a cool yard in one of the offshoots in the LA River. If I remember right, people referred to it as the SH Yard. Saber and I did a few missions in the LA river. One notable one was across from this yard. We crossed the rushing river in the center to get to a wall that was visible from this yard. It was sketchy! The ground in the center is very slippery, and we were both lucky to have made it across.
Slide 2: 1993 Skil Tempt
I don’t remember where this is, but I feel like it was downtown LA. Skill's style has always been influential for me. He has the ability to create what I would consider a close to perfect 'S'. Skeme also has this quality. It's something I'm still striving for. Tempt was also a big influence on me. I remember seeing his TE throwie on a center divider pole on the 110 FWY around '93. It was honestly my favorite throwie I had ever seen and still easily one of my favorites. A very well-rounded and legendary writer.
Slide 3: 1993 Whitsett Yard
I remember the first time I came to this yard, there must have been 8 of these with different color schemes. It was really cool to see. I saw these very early on in my graff career, and the simplicity and balance of these letters and this particular experience was incredibly influential for me.

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