The Evolution of Slap Tags
Blank stickers, or 'slap tags,' have been a part of graffiti culture for decades now. They may have been around as early as the '80s, but I didn't see them until the '90s. Blank slaps are a good way to get tags up quickly and in a less risky way than actual marker graffiti tags.
In the early days, they were all repurposed from other sources, like the paper Priority Mail labels, some UPS and FedEx labels, and the popular 'Hello My Name Is' blank name tag stickers. The white space on these stickers provides enough room for a tag or two, and the branding became part of the overall look.
Collectors began searching for older, discontinued versions of the USPS labels and even started selling them online. It is not uncommon to find artists still utilizing these repurposed labels for art and graffiti, but now we have companies and individuals creating their own designs of blank slaps.
It's interesting to see the evolution of graffiti slap tags, and it will be interesting to see where it goes in the future.

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Bobby Stag

Bobby Stag

I’m born, raised and still living in NYC. The first stickers I ever saw were put up by DJ No and Tess of the X-Men crew from Brooklyn in 1984. I’m not saying they were the first. (I know people can get uppity about subject matter like this.) They were the first I ever saw. There were no other stickers around until early 85. The stickers themselves were Hello My Name Is, they were stamped with the user names.

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